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Dealing with The Darkness... Dont Give Up

Dealing with The Darkness... Dont Give Up

Hello, I'm Todd, a Fashion Design Student studying at Birmingham City University.\

In this blog, I hope that talking about my own experiences with mental health I can provide advice to current and future students during their studies.

To begin, during my first year at BCU, I had the constant feeling of sadness and anxiety. I could not think of obvious reason of why I was feeling this way, which made it harder to process and understand my emotions. This made Uni life difficult as I found certain situations overwhelming. Looking back, the main reason for this mood was because I was lonely, my life revolved around going to lessons and going home to do more work, for a long time I did not see anyone. My university work became a distraction from the loneliness, and once the work was done, it hit me hard how isolated I had become.

So, what helped me cope with this. Firstly, I surrounded myself with some of the most supporting people I knew. These included friends on the course and my tutors. I must give a special thank you to my tutor Sian, she helped me during some of my darkest moments, and I ¬cannot thank her enough. Secondly, speaking as a creative student, designing allowed me to unleash what I was feeling, because sometimes talking about it became difficult. Thirdly, during this time, I kept a diary, this gave me a safe space to engage with how I was or was not coping.

If I were to give future students some advice, I would say join a society, it will help form relationships with people who have similar interests. Also, if I could go back, I would have asked for support much sooner than I did.

I know this is a dark story, but without darkness there cannot be light. I hope student, staff, anyone who reads this finds it helpful. To finish, no matter how lonely your world gets, there is always someone who feels the same, DON'T GIVE UP!

Dealing with The Darkness... Dont Give Up



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